Journey to Emmaus in Contemporary Scenes — Week 2

This week Fr Ron Will talks with Bernie and Jeanie Verssue, who have spent years serving in soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food pantries. They reflect on how their service to people in need has opened their hearts and eyes to Jesus in their midst, sometimes in surprising and unexpected ways.

“Christ said you will always have the poor with you, and that is true, but we can become complacent about that,” Jeanie says. “We need to examine ourselves and ask ourselves how can I help the poor; how can I contribute to helping the poor.”

Fr. Ron recalls encountering a hitchhiker as he returned home from the Easter vigil one year and how he opened a rectory guest room to this weary, hungry traveler. hitchhiker.

Of his years working among and with the homeless and food insecure, Bernie says that he has learned the importance of social aspects of the ministry. “You have to get socially and physically involved with the people you want to serve.”

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