The Emmaus Journey in Contemporary Scenes

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    The Emmaus Journey in Contemporary Scenes

    • A video on-demand series for Easter
    • New videos posted Tuesdays April 6-May 18

    On the Sunday after Jesus’ death, two disciples left Jerusalem despondent. On the road to Emmaus, they encountered a stranger who asks them for the news. They tell him about the crucifixion of the man they had hoped would be the Messiah. The stranger reviewed for them the scriptures, from Moses and through all the prophets, that foretold the Messiah and his suffering.

    As the stranger opened the scriptures to them, the disciples said, “our hearts were burning within us.”

    Later as they broke bread at the end of the day, the disciples recognized the stranger as the Resurrected Jesus, and he vanished. Jesus had helped them “put two and two together” and see reality as it is.

    The disciples returned to Jerusalem where their testimony strengthened the community.

    People continue to have similar experiences of finding Jesus in surprising situations and unexpected circumstances — even today.

    In this video series, Fr. Ron Will, CPPS, and guests will explore times that Jesus has made surprise appearances in their lives. They will recall encounters during service, pieces of art, current events and other ways and times, Jesus made himself known in their lives.

    New videos will be posted on the Renewal Center website every Tuesday morning from April 6 till May 18 (from Easter till Pentecost).

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    Image: Christ on the Road to Emmaus, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN. [retrieved March 17, 2021]. Original source: