• Bruschetta: An appetizer, a snack or a meal

    Cooking & Spirituality: Bruschetta

    An appetizer, a snack or a meal By Lucia Ferrara Bruschetta is a super easy, super delicious dish with only a few ingredients. If you’ve never cooked with sun-dried tomatoes before, this recipe introduces them to you. I’m sure that you’ll be impressed with the burst of intense flavor sun-dried tomatoes add to your dish. […]

  • Cooking & Spirituality: Pasta Alio e Olio

    By Lucia Ferrara This recipe is low cost, easy and quick. If you’re looking for a budget friendly, fast meal for your family or just yourself, this is the meal to have: Pasta Alio e Olio or pasta with garlic and oil. Seriously, this is so super simple. You can get this dish done in […]

  • Cooking and Spirituality: Giambotta, Italian vegetable stew

    By Lucia Ferrara I excited about the recipe we are going to cook today. It’s and old-fashioned Italian recipe. It’s a pot of fresh vegetables taken right from your garden. I grew up on this, especially in the late summer and fall.  The articles and videos in the Cooking and Spirituality Series can be found […]

  • risotto zucchini

    Cooking and Spirituality: Risotto with Zucchini

    By Lucia Ferrara In today’s video in the Cooking and Spirituality Series, I show you how to prepare Risotto with Zucchini. Risotto is made from arborio, an Italian short-grain rice, and can be cooked with many different ingredients. I mention in the video that when I was growing up, my mother oftentimes would make risotto […]

  • Cooking & Spirituality

    Introducing our New Video Series: Cooking and Spirituality

    By Lucia Ferrara Our bodies are complex vessels we use to travel through this life, vessels for our physical and spiritual selves. Thus, we can speak of the need to nourish body and spirit. Of course, one has to eat to keep oneself simply alive, but countless generations and deep experience also tells us that […]