Summer Celebration Slaw

By Lucia Ferrara

It’s such a beautiful, cool summer morning here at the Renewal Center that I decided to take my cooking outside! Today we’re making a salad that is a twist on your typical coleslaw. We’re adding walnuts and apples for crunch, cranberries and ginger for a bit of zing and sour cream (or yogurt) to reduce the amount of mayonnaise you’d typically need.

It is great to take on outings, picnics, barbeques or just about any outdoor activity. (If you do take it outside, remember to keep it safely chilled in a cooler or set in a tray of ice.) It complements any picnic or barbeque entre — fried chicken to hamburgers, brats to smokehouse pulled pork — or served on a bed of leaf lettuce or spinach, it would be the main dish itself.

Another reason this is a great salad for picnics or cookout is that it can be made a day ahead. In fact, I’d encourage you to make it a day ahead. Leaving it overnight in the refrigerator allows the ingredients to really blend together for a deeper, richer taste.

This isn’t just coleslaw, it’s a celebration of summer!

And speaking of summer celebrations, make sure you join us at Precious Blood Renewal Center of our Summer Social Celebration on July 1 (that’s a Saturday) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. We’ll have a picnic and cookout with some coleslaw. It’s a chance for Renewal Center friends and family to celebrate together and enjoy one another’s company. No reading assignments or homework to do! Register Here.

Summer Celebration Slaw

● 16 oz package shredded cabbage
● 4 green onions, chopped
● ½ cup dried cranberries
● ½ cup walnuts, chopped
● 1 large apple, chopped
● ¾ cup mayonnaise
● ¾ cup sour cream (or yogurt)
● ¾ teaspoon ground ginger
● 6 tablespoons of honey

Cooking and Spiritual Practice

Prayer for Friday

My Lord and My God,

I seek to begin this day in union with you a

and with all of those I love.

All around me, the world is waking,

and preparing to being the work of this day.

Soon I must take into my hands the various duties of my life.

The sun fills the eastern sky with light

As once again I prepare to make all this day shall contain

part of the fabric of my prayer.

Before I do, I bow before You and ask Your divine assistance.


My Lord and God, it is already Friday.

The week is passing quickly as does all of life.

Awaken me this morning

So that I shall not waste anything of life this day.

Excerpt from Prayer for the Domestic Church by Fr. Edward Hays (Ave Maria Press)

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