Reconciliation Labyrinth

Walk the area’s only Reconciliation Labyrinth

The Reconciliation Labyrinth was built in August 2016 on the Precious Blood Renewal Center grounds, to commemorate the Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis, and in seeking to offer reconciliation to the world.

Labyrinths have been used for spiritual healing and prayer service for centuries. The circular paths are designed to encourage transformation and awakening as a person walks through and meditates, prays, or reflects. The transformation can be psychological, personal or spiritual.

Our stone labyrinth is to the south of the lake off a trail within the trees. The labyrinth area offers a bench at its entrance for thoughtful rest. Provided at the path’s entry are options for use and possible reflective reading. Instructions or guidance material is also available.

Our labyrinth is based on the design provided by Clare Wilson, who felt the design came to her as a metaphor for her own ongoing journey of personal transformation. She was searching for ways of reconciling her inner journey with her outer journey of being in this world and in her country of South Africa.

Two entrances allow people to enter at the same time. At a point along the way the two will pass and walk the other’s path, allowing for reflection of the other’s journey. The two will find their way to the center with a reflecting pool. At this point the two can exit together on a single path or the path they entered.

The symbolic and winding pathways encourage meditation, ridding oneself of the stresses of life, and navigate to a renewed place- a place of hope, healing and renewal.

We encourage its use and welcome all people.

To find out more about our Reconciliation Labyrinth, please contact our Hospitality Coordinator.

Download our Reconciliation Labyrinth trifold brochure.

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