• Thank you for hosting the school retreat last week. We greatly appreciated your generosity and hospitality… it brought a sense of calmness, comradely, and an enriched spiritual life.

    8th Grade Graduating Class

  • Just a few hours at your Center this morning was so very renewing to my spirit. Thank you for sharing your beautiful grounds and labyrinth. Peace to all of you!


  • What a wonderful experience. I enjoyed your peaceful place! Thank you for sharing it with so many. Love, Prayers & Smiles.


  • Thank you for your very warm welcome upon my arrival and the delicious meals you prepared! You are truly terrific and have excellent hospitality.


  • Thank you for feeding our bodies and souls!!


  • When I think of the Center I thought of the word ‘hospitality’ and found these anonymous quotes online: “Hospitality is when someone feels at home in your presence.” “Hospitality isn’t about your house, it’s about your heart.” Thank you for the warmth, care, wonderful meal that you shared with all of us at “unfailing mercy” retreat!


  • Precious Blood Renewal Center is an oasis in the midst of the busy-ness of our lives!! A tranquil space indoors and out. Take the time to walk outside by the lake, listen to the peaceful water of the fountain, or pray the Labyrinth from the outside in. Make a stop in the beautiful chapel or be welcomed in the dining room for lunch or coffee and a cookie!! The Renewal Center lives up to our charisms of Reconciliation, Hospitality, Renewal, Healing, and Social Justice. Be sure to stop in anytime for nourishment… physical or spiritual… and just say HI!!

    Group Retreat Leader