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Family Matters #10: Finding Balance During Covid

October 21, 2020

By Lucia Ferrara
Working from home while your entire family is also working or studying from home can be can be stressful, but unavoidable at this time. Finding a work-family balance and effectively managing your time has never been so important.

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Family Matters #9: Positive Values, Responsibility

October 7, 2020

By Lucia Ferrara
When my kids were the ages of 8, 5 and 2, I taught them that if they played with building blocks, they needed to put the blocks back in the toy chest when they are done. I was trying to teach them responsibility, something we that we need to start at an early age.

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Family Matters Article #8: Empowerment

September 24, 2020

By Lucia Ferrara
Empowerment is one of the building blocks of development that helps young people grow up healthy, caring and responsible.

Family Matters #7: Learning to care is part of healthy development

September 9, 2020

By Lucia Ferrara

Have you ever been the recipient of an expected act of kindness, or perhaps observed one? These tiny actions make you feel good, gives you a boost.

Family Matters #6: Creating a caring learning climate

August 25, 2020

By Lucia Ferrara From many of us, school is back but now with new rules in place because of the Covi...

Family Matters #5: Commitment to Learning

August 12, 2020

By Lucia Ferrara It is school time again and parents are struggling to make decisions about children...

Family Matters #4 : Constructive Use of Time

July 22, 2020

By Lucia Ferrara Do your children engage in creative activities like painting, drawing, learning an ...

Family Matters #3: Positive Identity and Nurturing Personal Power

July 8, 2020

By Lucia Ferrara Positive Identity, according to the Search Institute, is a developmental asset, one...

Family Matters #2: How do you teach loving?

June 24, 2020

By Lucia Ferrara Note: Last fall, Precious Blood Renewal Center joined with a few community partners...

Family Matters #1: Building Resilience in Adversity

June 10, 2020

By Lucia Ferrara Note: Last fall, Precious Blood Renewal Center joined with a few community partners...


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