Four Guides for Your Advent Journey

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    Morning & Evening Times of Reflection

    Saturday, Dec. 2, 10-11:30 a.m.


    Tuesday, Dec. 4, 7-8:30 p.m.

    In-person and Zoom options available.


    Presented by Fr. Ron Will CPPS

    The Advent season, this year 22 days from Dec. 3-Dec. 25, is meant to prepare us for the Incarnation of Christ at Christmas.

    Stories from the Bible and tradition frame this time as a series of journeys: Mary and Joseph must go to Bethlehem; urged by angels, the shepherds trek to the manager, and the Magi come from the east seeking a new king. The prophet Isaiah talks of making straight highways through the wilderness.

    Advent for us is a metaphorical journey, a long-distance pilgrimage. We too take the road to Bethlehem, but the destination of our Advent journey isn’t a place; it is a person. Our journey is to meet Jesus Christ.

    Thankfully, we do not have to travel alone. This Advent, we will walk with four guides — Isaiah, St. Paul, John the Baptist, and Mary, the Mother of God. During this Advent Time of Reflection, we will become familiar with the journeys these biblical persons took, and each will give us insights into who Jesus Christ is.

    Madonna and Child
    John the Baptist
    Saint Paul the Apostle
    The prophet Isaiah

    Madonna and Child, Photo 33220035 © Mayerberg | John the Baptist, Photo 213672736 © Anatolii63 | The icon of Saint Paul the Apostle from the Coptic Orthodox Church of Saint Barbara in Cairo, Egypt, one of the oldest in Cairo, built in the 5th or 6th Century AD. Photo 250560576 © David Pillow | The prophet Isaiah, detail of high altar by Sieger Koder in St.