Family Matters: A la Tavola (At the Table)

Family Matters: ‘A la Tavola’ (At the Table)

September 29, 2022

By Lucia Ferrara
Pull up a chair and join me at a long wooden table, set with white linens, fresh flowers from the garden, candles, crystal stemware and china and your name card. The aroma of the meal being prepared is capturing your senses.

Assembling God’s Puzzle: Reflections on Health and Wholeness

New Video Series: Assembling God’s Puzzle

September 20, 2022

By Fr. Garry Richmeier
The people I've worked with over my 39 years as a priest and 28 years as a licensed marriage and family counselor have taught me a lot about living life, especially what works and doesn’t. In this new video series, I pass on some of these life lessons.

Taizé for September: National Hispanic Heritage Month

September Taize: National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 6, 2022

Our September Taizé prayer service marks National Hispanic Heritage Month and commemorates the contributions made by the ancestors of American citizens who came from Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean, and South- and Central America

Image © by LillyCantabile from Pixabay

Family Matters: Please pass the salt and pepper

August 31, 2022

By Lucia Ferrara
Have you ever been out in a restaurant or anywhere a public meal is served and you see children at the table acting up and do not seem to have any table etiquette or manners in general? I have, and it is very annoying.

A Spirituality of Discernment: Eyes, Ears, and Heart Open

August 29, 2022

By Kathy Keary
Discerning where God is leading us can be confusing. Often, we question if we are misreading the signs placed in front of us. If the fruits of the Spirit are present, chances are good that God is in the mix.

Video Series: Savoring Your Experience

August 22, 2022

By Kathy Keary
Do you believe mystical experiences are available to everyone? I do. The key to the mystical experience is threefold: Notice it, allow yourself to feel it and then soak in it like you would a warm bath. I will guide you through the steps.

Ricotta & Spinach Grilled Cheese

Ricotta & Spinach Grilled Cheese

August 17, 2022

By Lucia Ferrara
We’re in the back-to-season now and so today, I’m going to show you a school night dinner favorite. It’s a fancy grilled cheese sandwich that I call Ricotta & Spinach Grilled Cheese. It has four kinds of cheese, so you know it’s a real crowd pleaser!

A Spirituality of Discernment: When God Grabs Your Attention

August 15, 2022

By Kathy Keary
Have you ever been captured by something -- a piece of art, a natural phenomenon or a person's words -- knowing to your core that it holds greater meaning for you than what a surface glance offers? God uses these enticements to grab our attention.

Strawberry Vinaigrette

Strawberry Vinaigrette

August 9, 2022

By Lucia Ferrara
This strawberry vinaigrette is the perfect dressing for summertime salads. It’s light and fresh, with a touch of sweetness that pairs nicely with the just-out-of-the-garden lettuces and greens available now.

Video Series: “I Can Only Imagine”

August 8, 2022

By Kathy Keary
Today we will deepen our reflection on emotions that stir within us when watching a music video featuring the song, “I Can Only Imagine.”


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