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    Some advice for Lent: Be a kind person!

    Fr. James Martin, the Jesuit priest, author and editor at large at America magazine, suggests that instead of giving something up for Lent to do something positive instead. Click on a date to preview our programs. And he gets very specific in an article titled “This Lent, don’t be a jerk.” What is something positive? […]

  • What is a Silent Directed Retreat? Part 3

    By Fr. Ron Will, CPPS Over the last few days, we’ve been looking at what a silent directed retreat is and what to expect while you’re on a retreat. Let’s continue to look at some questions you might have. Third question: How does it begin? Click on a date to preview our programs. Powered by […]

  • Try This Exercise: No Swearing this Lent

    Renée Darline Roden says she’s giving up swearing for Lent. A self-identified fan of salty language, Roden says, “Just as I set aside my precious stash of Dove Chocolates, I am putting my favorite four-letter words back in the pantry until Lent is over.” Click on a date to preview our programs. The reason why […]

  • What do you do after the ashes rub off?

    Catholics — as well as many other denominations of Christians — fill churches on Ash Wednesday, even though it is not a “holy day of obligation.” They are drawn to it. In recent years, many churches have literally taken the ashes into the streets, applying ashes to the foreheads of all who want them. The […]

  • What is a Silent Directed Retreat? Part 2

    By Fr. Ron Will, CPPS This is the second part of a series of short articles looking at silent directed retreats. In Part 1, we talked about what a silent directed retreat is. In short, at such a retreat, there is only one’s conversation with God. The retreat director helps you listen to God. Click […]

  • Lent calls us to ‘the side of another’

    The Greek word parakletos, often translated as “advocate,” “counselor” or “comforter,” is literally “one called to the side of another.” It is the word Jesus uses at the Last Supper when he tells his disciples, “I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you always …  I will not […]

  • bored, boredom

    Boredom can be a window to a sunnier day

    Do you ever get bored? That might not be a bad thing. Click on a date to preview our programs. Boredom can have its upsides, writes Neel Burton for the online journal Aeon. Burton, a psychiatrist and philosopher at the University of Oxford, says “Boredom can be our way of telling ourselves that we are […]

  • Living with Chronic Illness: when you need a little support — Feb 28

    The Circle of Love is a support group for people living with chronic illness Living with a chronic illness can be challenging. There is no need to be alone in your struggle. Join a loving group that will support you on your journey. Find a sense of spiritual healing and renewal as we gather for […]

  • Inner Wise Woman: Liberate the Critic and Empower the Muse — March 8

    This event has been cancelled but will be rescheduled. Precious Blood Renewal Center will mark International Women’s Day 2020 with an arts journey led by Elmari Van Der Westhuizen. An inner journey using brushes, paints and canvas. No professional training required. All supplies provided. March 8, 2020 Sunday 3-5 p.m. Cost $45 RSVP by March 1 […]

  • Taizé Prayer Service: Music is the prayer the heart sings — March 5

    Taizé Prayer is sung, ecumenical community prayer. It originated with a monastic community in France and has spread to numerous spots around the world. The prayer service uses chant melodies and simple accompaniment along with moments of silence in a meditative atmosphere, to allow the finger of God to touch one’s soul. March 5, Thursday […]