Family Matters #18: Transitions are opportunities for renewal

By Lucia Ferrara

Springtime for me has always been a season of change. So many changes and transitions, it is kind of like a metamorphosis of a million things going on around you. The days become longer; we spring forward our clocks, so we have more daylight. The temperature in the atmosphere begins creeping into sunny, warmer days with emerging evidence of green grass peeking up from the ground. I begin to hear birds chirping outside my kitchen window singing songs of joy and renewal.

Yes, for me springtime is a time of renewal and transitions. Springtime is also a reminder that God makes all things new again. Spring symbolizes new life and new beginnings. I experience growth, transformation and progression in my life. I see it in my children’s lives as well. I encourage you to stop and reflect on your own life right now and ask yourself, what brings you renewal or transformation? How do you see it in your children and the youth in our world?

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I cannot help but notice that each year during this time, our youth are also transitioning into different stages in their life. Whether it be in school, age, teenagers, toddlers, adults, college, middle school, etc. I could go on and on. These daily transitions are short periods when children and adults need to switch gears into something new. Change is inevitable, it is how we grow both in spirit, mind and body. We must adapt to the change, thus becoming renewed.

I see new beginnings in my children every day. For example, my daughter is leaving the nest and moving out so she can be closer to work. Her journey with this began when she graduated from college and moved back home to pay off college loans and create a bit of a nest egg for herself. With this transition, as a parent, it brings me extreme sadness that she will not be living with us anymore. However, it is with the greatest of joy and happiness that she can provide for herself and is an independent woman, even during this world of chaos.

For my oldest son, He will be graduating from college this May and yet another child of mine will be transitioning out of college life into young adult working life. As for my youngest son, well, he is still in high school but growing up right in front of my eyes.

Whether from a parent’s point of view or a child’s, we need to embrace each and every one of these moments. I like to call this “finding the new’s.” The new passion in your life, the new direction or path we are to follow, the new purpose I have, or my children have during this season. I encourage you to ask yourself and your children or youth; What is your new’s?

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I am reminded that God is creating a masterpiece in us and those around us. Ephesians 4:23 says, “And that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind.” As my mind is renewed, I begin to experience Christ’s growth in myself, which then becomes evident in my body and spirit. When I realize I need more of him and less of me, I transition or transform my mind, body and spirit into serving and living out a life where God is all and in all.

Until next time, I leave you with a few things to reflect on:

  1. This spring season, I encourage you to reflect upon what God has in store for you and your family and discuss it among yourselves.
  2. Find new ways to renew your spirit, mind and body. Maybe it’s devoting 30, minutes each day to meditation or exercise.
  3. Make deeper connections with those you love and cherish and those with whom you may not see eye to eye.

[Lucia Ferrara is the Director of Hospitality at Precious Blood Renewal Center and the lead organizer here of Parent Cafes. Share your thoughts with Lucia or ask her questions by using the form below or sending an email to Read more about the Parent Café here.]

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