This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Church. Will It Be Your Grandkids’?

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  • Precious Blood Renewal Center
    2120 St. Gaspar Way
    Liberty, Missouri 64068
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  • Suggested offering: $10

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    Continuity and Changes in the Contemporary American Catholic Church.

    What are the problems? What are the possibilities?

    Aug. 7, Wednesday

    6:30-8 p.m.

    In-person and Zoom

    Suggested offering: $10

    Fr. James Smith, C.PP.S., will present his research on recent shifts in American Catholicism, particularly regional shifts in Catholic parishes. After his presentation, Jennifer Green, a pastoral associate at Visitation Parish in Kansas City, will respond to the presentation.

    The two will then facilitate discussion on possibilities and problems emerging out of these shifts.

    Fr. James Smith, C.PP.S.
    Jennifer Green

    The Presenter

    Fr. James Smith, C.PP.S., is a graduate student in practical theology at Graduate Theological Union. Fr. James was born, raised, and lived in Indiana until he entered formation with the Precious Blood community after graduating from St Joseph College in Rensselaer, Indiana. He was ordained in 2017. His research interests include theologies of pastoral care, practical theology, and trends in American Catholicism.

    The Respondent

    Jennifer Green grew up in Kansas City, married Denis Greene in 2000 and raised three kids in Visitation parish. After finishing a Masters in Ministry from Creighton, she taught theology at St. Teresa’s Academy for 10 years and transitioned to parish work last year. Jennifer says, “Having watched first-hand my own children’s relationship with the Church and hundreds of teens over 10 years, I feel a certain urgency to be a part of this conversation.”

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