St. Lucy Day Celebration

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  • Precious Blood Renewal Center
    2120 St. Gaspar Way
    Liberty, Missouri 64068

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  • Free. Suggested donation, $10

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    Light out of darkness, Green amid the dry

    During the celebrations, we share stories, songs and poems while planting wheat. If you are not familiar with this ancient tradition, join us and learn more about it.

    Dec. 13, Wednesday
    10 a.m. to 12 noon
    Suggested Donation $10

    Led by Lucia Ferrara

    Saint Lucy (or Lucia or Lucita) was a 4th century Christian martyr. Her feast day, Dec. 13, is widely celebrated in Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and eastern Europe. Because her feast day falls in the middle of Advent and because her name in Latin means “light” or “bringer of light,” many of the traditions and rituals that grew from her feast day help us prepare for Christmas.

    The tradition of planting wheat on Saint Lucy’s Day comes from Hungary, Croatia and a few other European nations. Wheat grains are planted in round dishes or pots of soil and carefully watered so the seeds will germinate and the shoots will be several inches high by Christmas Day. The new green shoots remind us of the new life born in Bethlehem. A candle may be placed near or in the wheat grass as a symbol of the Light of Christ.

    The sprouted wheat is then set near the Nativity set where it will remind all that Christ, the Bread of Life, was born in Bethlehem, whose name means “House of Bread.” The wheat recalls the Eucharist which is made from wheat. It also brings to mind Christ’s parables about wheat:

    To prepare for this morning celebration, meditate on these phrases below, and come ready to share stories, songs or poems that grow out of your meditations:

    • Light in the midst of darkness
    • Hope in the midst of bleakness
    • Trust in the midst of doubt
    • Green in the midst of winter

    The celebration ends with the sharing of bread, cheese and drinks. We would like to make this an annual event at the Renewal Center. You are all cordially invited.

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