Reclaiming the Romance

September 30, 2023

An afternoon retreat for married couples old, new and in between, hoping to enrich their lives together. Begins with lunch and ends with Mass.

One-Day, Individual Retreats

October 5, 2023

Could you use a few hours away from the hurly burly of everyday life? Take some time for yourself at the Renewal Center. Schedule one-day or half-day quiet retreats. Spiritual directors are available or you can spend the time with your own thoughts and prayers.

Confirmation Retreat: Embraced by the Spirit. Sent into the world.

October 15, 2023

Partner with the Renewal Center to give your confirmation class an enriching retreat experience that will be a highlight of their formation.

Retreat for RCIA Inquirers and Sponsors

November 11, 2023

Inquirers and sponsors will meet other people on the same journey from other parishes. We will teach tools and ways of discernment. The day will emphasize building: relationships with God and fellow parishioners.

Silence: the language of God

September 7, 2023 – September 10, 2023

A silent, directed retreat is a personally guided prayer experience over three days. Retreatants meet with a spiritual director one-on-one.

God’s Healing Love: Annual Healing Service

February 11, 2023

The Light of God’s Healing Love pervades the areas of our deepest need. Join us in this sacred healing chalice to receive whatever is offered via Divine Grace in your own heart, mind, body and spirit. We’ll practice gentle singing, drumming, journaling, sharing, anointing and blessing.

A Taste of Freedom: Self-control

September 28, 2022 – October 26, 2022

A Taste of Freedom is your totally relevant five-week scripture series for women that helps you develop relationships with other women as you grow in your relationship with God.

A Day Retreat for Catechists

August 27, 2022

Before you embark on another year of faith sharing, take some time to nourish your (or your catechist team’s) own spiritual and emotional life. Rekindle your zeal to pass on the faith. Register as a group or individuals.

Be Still Before the Lord: A silent, directed retreat

September 16, 2022 – September 18, 2022

Scripture, science and experience tell us that we all should cultivate silence in our lives. If we know this, why do we resist it? If you want “to learn to better wait in silence,” a silent, directed retreat might be what you’re looking for.

Stilling the Soul: Positive Ways to Manage Stress

June 11, 2022

Stress is part of all of our lives and comes from many sources: marital issues, family disputes, chronic illness, work, loss of a loved one, unsettling national or world events. Join us for a relaxing day of calming activities, explore practical ways to manage stress and refresh our souls.