Taize Online July 2Taize July 2: Join the Renewal Center staff  in prayer

This video goes live on three locations July 2:

On Facebook (after 7 p.m.) at facebook.com/preciousbloodrenewalcenter/ or
On YouTube at bit.ly/2BmDJcE
On our website at pbrenewalcenter.org/videos

Taizé Prayer is sung, ecumenical community prayer. It originated with a monastic community in France and has spread to numerous spots around the world. The prayer service uses chant melodies and simple accompaniment along with moments of silence in a meditative atmosphere, to allow the finger of God to touch one’s soul.  Read more about this.


The Stay-at-Home Directed Retreat — June 26-28

All people making the retreat will meet for daily group sessions and individual meetings with our trained, experienced retreat directors. The group meetings and prayers will be conducted via Zoom and individual meetings can be conducted via Zoom or the telephone. You will have the benefit of a shared, small group retreat plus individual spiritual attention, but from the comfort of your home.

Reserve a spot for the Stay-at-Home Directed Retreat or get more information on this page: The Stay-at-Home Directed Retreat. June 26-28 isn’t right for you? Inquire about future dates.


Image © Cmlndm | Dreamstime.comSpiritual Direction by Zoom or Phone

Spiritual direction focuses on developing a relationship with God and growing in that relationship by entering into dialogue with God with the assistance of an experienced spiritual director. Through talks and exercises, the spiritual director helps you pay closer attention to God’s personal communication with you.

The Renewal Center spiritual directors will set up a schedule of meetings with you using the phone, Zoom or other social media platforms.

Reserve a spot for the Stay-at-Home Directed Retreat or get more information on this page: Spiritual Direction by Zoom or Phone. Some in-person meetings may be possible.


Image by Vetre Antanaviciute-meskauskiene | Dreamstime.comNew Video Series — Focusing: Listening to the Wisdom of the Body for Healing

The video for this event is now available. Click any of the links below to view it.

On Facebook at facebook.com/preciousbloodrenewalcenter/ or
On YouTube at bit.ly/2Y0GfOn
On our website at pbrenewalcenter.org/videos

Society teaches us to suppress our feelings, to distance ourselves from our emotional pain and to distract us from our emotions rather than to care for them in a healthy way. If you knew that there was a way to listen to the wisdom of your emotions as revealed in your body and care for them in a life-giving way, would you give it a try? Find More Details Here.


In-Person Programs at Precious Blood Renewal Center Suspended

March 16, 2020 — All programming at Precious Blood Renewal Center will be suspended until further notice. This measure has been taken to help protect the public from the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The suspensions take effect immediately and affects all programs sponsored by the Renewal Center team and all programs by outside groups.

This has been a difficult decision for the Renewal Center to make, but it has been made considering all of the best advice from federal, state, and local public health officials.

The Renewal Center team will continue to monitor the situation and will reschedule programs as soon as we can. Our plan at this point is to reschedule all programs at a later date.

Please watch this page on our website for status updates.

We will continue to post meditations, reflections and commentaries on the website of the Renewal Center throughout this period. Every Thursday, we send you an email to highlight some of the latest posts. You can also share thoughts and prayers with our community through our Facebook page.

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Precious Blood Renewal Center is committed to providing programs that foster spiritual renewal and growth, contemplative living, healing, social consciousness, and harmony among people of all faiths, races, and ways of life. All are welcome!

Click on the events within the calendar to learn about our upcoming opportunities or view topics below the calendar and click on the links for detailed information.

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