Winter Solstice Celebration 2022

A Winter’s Dream: Waking up to the Promise of Peace

The Winter Solstice is a night for dreamers to wake up to the dreams buried deep inside. This is the night when angels appear to stir courage in those who fear, hope in those on the brink of despair, and love in those who toil to halt the hate.

The Winter Solstice reminds us how light will eclipse the darkness and peace is more than a dream but a destination for all who believe.

About 50 of us gathered at the Renewal Center on the evening of Dec. 21, 2022, for our annual Winter Solstice Celebration led by Fr. Joe Nassal, CPPS.

The video is Fr. Joe’s talk, “A Winter’s Dream: Waking up to the Promise of Peace.” Beginning about minute 48, you can join in with all of us who gathered that night to pray and then (virtually) walk the path lit by luminaries to the Reconciliation Labyrinth on the Renewal Center campus.

You can download a copy of the program from the evening here. Winter Solstices Celebration 2022.

The theme of the evening was taken from this passage in the book The Ladder of Light by Steven Charleston.

Sometimes in this troubled world of ours, we forget love is all around us. We imagine the worst of other people and withdraw into our own shells. But try this simple test: Stand still in any crowded place and watch the people around you. Within a very short time, you will begin to see love, and you will see it over and over and over.

A young mother talking to her child, a couple laughing together as they walk by, an older man holding the door for a stranger — small signs of love are everywhere. The more you look, the more you will see.

Love is literally everywhere. We are surrounded by love. The instinct to care is still within us — all of us — so much so that you can see it clearly just by standing still.

A Reflection and Prayer

Pause to be in touch with the divine light swelling within your being imagine yourself as a candle in the darkness, a shining presence of love. Call to mind people whose life holds the bleak grayness of suffering. Consider, too, people and places globally and the harm being done there. Mindfully gather Emmanuel’s light. Send this forth to all whom you have remembered. At the close of this reflection, deliberately decide to be a lantern of love this season and new year.

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