The Discerning Voter: Compassion and voting preparation

Gracious and loving God,
let your Spirit guide all candidates on the November ballot.
Drawing on the resources of faith,
we pray that each runs their campaign with civility.
Inspire each to use this opportunity to shape a society more respectful of
the life, dignity, and rights of the human person,
especially the poor and vulnerable.

Precious Blood Renewal Center is hosting a series of discussions based on the Sunday Gospels with the aim of helping us prepare to go to the voting booth this November.

This week Fr. Ron Will, CPPS, is joined by Gabino Zavala, a Precious Blood Companion and the Kansas City province’s director of peace and justice.

The gospel values we examine this week are “compassion” and “forgiveness as a creative act.”

A plethora of materials is available to help form the conscience of voters. We will take a little different approach. We will use the Sunday Mass Gospel for the week, name what we hear Jesus say to us and apply that to our lives.

We want to allow the Sunday Gospels to speak to our family and work situations, and also to our political situations. Our goal is to make decisions in the voting booth that are in tune with Jesus’ values.

New videos in this series will be posted on Tuesday mornings. All the videos will be collected on this page: The Discerning Voter: Gospel Values for this Election Season.

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Image above by Greg Melahn from Pixabay. Opening and closing music in the video is “Salute to A New Beginning” by the U.S. Army Herald Trumpets.

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