The Coming of the Holy Spirit

May 23, 2023

By Fr. Ron Will, CPPS
This 10-minute guided meditation takes you into the Upper Room with the Disciples on the first Pentecost. This series invites you to go deeper in your relationship with God. It is an invitation to enter the divine embrace.

Video Series: Savoring Your Experience

August 22, 2022

By Kathy Keary
Do you believe mystical experiences are available to everyone? I do. The key to the mystical experience is threefold: Notice it, allow yourself to feel it and then soak in it like you would a warm bath. I will guide you through the steps.

Video Series: “I Can Only Imagine”

August 8, 2022

By Kathy Keary
Today we will deepen our reflection on emotions that stir within us when watching a music video featuring the song, “I Can Only Imagine.”

Video Series: Meditating with Zentangle

July 25, 2022

By Kathy Keary
We are going to have fun today! Have you ever heard of or tried Zentangle? It is an active, creative form of meditation where you create beautiful, structured designs whether you are an artist or not.

Video Series: “Underneath a Canopy of Stars”

July 11, 2022

By Kathy Keary
Respond through the arts to a passionately crafted, emotionally charged music video that speaks of satisfying the hunger in our hearts to return to a reassuring sense of God's abiding presence in our lives.

Video Series: Letting Go as a Path to Freedom

June 27, 2022

By Kathy Keary
Through a guided meditation, you will be encouraged to let go of stifling reactions to challenging circumstances gaining a new sense of interior freedom.

Video Series: A Healing Circle of Love

June 13, 2022

By Kathy Keary
This week I will lead you in a guided meditation where you will invite those dear to you into a Circle of Love. Experience the healing rays of authentic community.

It’s All About the Kiss

June 6, 2022

By Kathy Keary
Just picture it: God kissing your soul before placing it in your body. Isn’t that beautiful? This is how some mystics through the ages have spoken about divine union. Read More.

Video Series: Celebrating the Ascension with Visio Divina

May 31, 2022

By Kathy Keary
In this video, I will walk you through the steps of Visio Divina or Sacred Seeing as we behold a picture of Jesus’ Ascension into heaven. This contemplative practice opens us to an encounter with the Divine.

Video Series: Walking with Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

May 23, 2022

By Kathy Keary
Using our imagination by placing ourselves in a Scripture passage takes our reflection of the Word of God to a deeper, more powerful level. Experience the thoughts, emotions, and prayer that surface as you walk with Jesus on the road to Emmaus.


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