Encounters with ‘Crazy’ People, an Assembling God’s Puzzle video

Encounters with ‘Crazy’ People

January 24, 2023

By Fr. Garry Richmeier, CPPS.
We all have stories about encounters with “crazy” people. It’s never easy dealing with people who behave in ways we don’t understand. I’ve learned that people never do things for no reason, and usually, they have a good reason for what they do.

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Failure: When you can’t avoid it, what to do about it?

January 11, 2023

An Assembling God’s Puzzle video
By Fr. Garry Richmeier, CPPS.
No one likes failure, but we just can’t get away from it. We experience many failures in life, like gaining weight when we try to lose it, our business fails, we get fired, we don’t get the grade we wanted. Can we situate this puzzle piece in our lives so it doesn’t cause so much pain?

Christmas and Depression, an Assembling God’s Puzzle video Photo 130605892 / Christmas Depression © Tommaso79 |

Christmas and Depression, an Assembling God’s Puzzle video

December 14, 2022

By Fr. Garry Richmeier, CPPS.
Christmas — the most wonderful time of the year? Our culture tells us it is. But according to mental health agencies and therapists, more people report feeling depressed at Christmas time than almost any other time of the year. Why is that?

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How to cope with crazy holiday gatherings

November 15, 2022

By Fr. Garry Richmeier, CPPS.
Holiday family gatherings can sometimes be challenging to navigate. Here are a few strategies to help you cope with family situations you might find yourself in this holiday season.

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Stumbling Blocks to Clear Communication

November 1, 2022

By Fr. Garry Richmeier, CPPS.
You would think that as often as we humans communicate with each other, we’d be very good at it by now. Truth is, we often are not very good at communicating clearly. Why is that?

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How You Got Here, an Assembling God’s Puzzle video

October 17, 2022

By Fr. Garry Richmeier, CPPS.
Think about all that has happened to you today, all the different events and details that have led up to now. Look at the year in the same way. Imagine all the billions of things that had to happen the way they did in our history to get us to this exact point in time. Is it all due to chance?

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Sandpaper People, an Assembling God’s Puzzle video

October 4, 2022

By Fr. Garry Richmeier, CPPS.
One common life puzzle piece that we all deal with is difficult people. We avoid them when we can, but if they are our boss, in-law or family member, we can’t avoid them. So how do we fit them into our lives in a better way? I like to call them “Sandpaper people.”

Assembling God’s Puzzle: Reflections on Health and Wholeness

New Video Series: Assembling God’s Puzzle

September 20, 2022

By Fr. Garry Richmeier
The people I've worked with over my 39 years as a priest and 28 years as a licensed marriage and family counselor have taught me a lot about living life, especially what works and doesn’t. In this new video series, I pass on some of these life lessons.


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