November Taizé: We celebrate those upon whose shoulders we stand

Taizé is an ecumenical, meditative prayer experience using music, chants and scripture. We gather for prayer on the first Thursday of every month. Each month we focus prayer on a particular theme.

This month, on All Souls Day, we celebrate all those upon whose shoulders we stand. We believe in the Communion of Saints, and those who have died continue to be part of our lives. They can pray with us. We can pray with them. Join Us.

Here is a copy of the worship aid for November’s Service.

0:17 Greeting

1:46 Opening Song: “In Christ There Is a Table Set for All” first four verses

5:20 First Reading: Wisdom 3:1-9

6:54 Second Song: “Lord of Goodness”

8:50 Second Reading: A Reflection on All Saints Day

10:40 Now we sit in silence for a few minutes

15:30 Prayers of Petition

24:20 The Lord’s Prayer

25:07 Third Song: “Ubi Caritas”

27:34 Closing Prayer

28:15 Closing Song: “In Christ There Is a Table Set for All” Last three verses

Music in this Worship Aid was reprinted with permission under, #A-725830

Opening Image: Colorful candles on the cemetery at All Saints Day, Poland. Photo 262201795 | All Saints Day © Patryk Kosmider |


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