New Video Series: Assembling God’s Puzzle

I’m Fr. Garry Richmeier, CPPS. I’ve been ordained for 39 years and have been a licensed counselor and marriage and family counselor for 28 years. The people I’ve worked with have taught me much about living life, especially what works well and not so well. I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you.

To do that, today, working with Precious Blood Renewal Center, I’m starting a new video series that I call Assembling God’s Puzzle: Reflections on Health and Wholeness. Below is my first entry. New videos will be posted every other Tuesday.


Life as a Puzzle

I look at life like a jigsaw puzzle. We are “thrown” into life with all these pieces – talents, weaknesses, illnesses, specific relationships, etc., which we haven’t asked for. Like a jigsaw puzzle, all the scattered pieces look like a mess, chaos. But we know they all have to fit somehow because the puzzle maker (God) made them. God didn’t give us the box that our puzzle came in with the picture on it, so we have to put the pieces together the best way we know how. There are ways to work with the puzzle pieces of life which work better for us, and that is what I hope to share in this series of talks.


Health and wholeness are synonymous. Like physical health requires that the body gets the whole range of nutrients, our mental, emotional, and Spiritual health requires that we fit all the life puzzle pieces together. Our faith tells us that even though we see only the puzzle pieces and not the whole picture, God knows the picture because it is God’s plan for us. With that faith, we can be more at peace and more hopeful as we are dealing with the puzzle pieces.


We will never get the whole puzzle assembled because we receive new pieces as long as we live. So the point is probably the “assembling” and not the finished product. After we die we may see the whole picture.


I hope that what I have to share in these presentations is helpful to you as you assemble your own life puzzle.


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