Lent Video Two — Guided Meditation: ‘I Call You My Friend’

The Season of Lent always invites us to encounter God on a deeper, more personal level. Today, Fr. Ron Will is going to lead you in a guided meditation.

Today we will be doing more than wading in a shallow pool. We will step into the deep waters of relationship. We will move beyond reciting prayers out of a book,  and move into a conversation with Jesus.

First, take a minute to focus your attention. Let go of other distracting thoughts.

Take a couple deep breaths. Breathe in God’s presence and exhale any anxiety, any tension in your body.

Let’s begin.

New videos will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We’ll send you an email on Thursdays to remind you to watch. You can find all the videos here (after they are posted): Lent Video Series. You can share your thoughts about the video on our Facebook page.

[Fr. Ron Will, a Precious Blood priest and spiritual director, is a graduate of Catholic Theological Union and Creighton University’s School of Christian Spirituality. He has a special interest in helping form intentional disciples of Jesus, encouraging others to go spiritually deep-sea diving to explore a deeper relationship with God, and walking with people as they dive into the ocean of God’s mystery actually experiencing God rather than simply dipping one’s toe into the water.]


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