Grieving: Healing from Loss

We’ve all experienced loss in many ways over the last year. This can create a heavy burden to carry. Grieving is a process of healing, helping us to manage loss effectively so it does not interfere with living life. Sometimes it is helpful to have the companionship and support of others to help us in the hard work of grieving.

We invite you to meet others who are dealing with loss in their life. Together we will explore:

  • How people generally experience grief.
  • What helps in the grieving process, including tools to promote healing and ways to manage sadness and depression.
  • How connection with others can help in moving through grief.

The session is led by Fr. Garry Richmeier, a licensed family therapist, and Annette D’Angelo and  Marge Lavenburg, both of whom have extensive experience in hospice care.

“Grieving: Healing from Loss” is a free, video-on-demand program that will be available for viewing until the end of February. Later, the presenters will convene a  Zoom meeting to address issues viewers might have. Stay tuned for details about this second program.

Looking for some help?

Contact the presenters by sending an email to Or leave a comment in the box below.

Find a grief support group in the Kansas City Metro Area.


Loss in General:
Hospice Foundation of America
(800) 854-3402

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
(800) 959-8277

National Hotline for Surviving Friends & Relatives of AIDS Victims (CDC Info)
(800) 232-4636

Rainbows (Loss of a Child of Sibling)
(847) 952-1770

Loss of a Child through Homicide:
Parents of Murdered Children
(888) 818-7662

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
(877) 275-6233

Other videos that might interest you

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Some things you should know about suicide

By Fr. Garry Richmeier, CPPS
Nobody really wants to talk about suicide. It’s a scary subject, so people tend to ignore it or not talk about it. But you can’t solve a problem without talking about it. You can’t find help if you don’t talk about it. Watch the video here.


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