Cream Puffs

By Lucia Ferrara

Here’s a treat to help you celebrate Easter. One of the desserts my has on Easter is cream puffs. A lot of people hesitate to make cream puffs, but what they don’t realize is how easy it actually is to make cream puffs. Nearly all of the ingredients you probably have at home already.

Before you make the pastry, preheat your oven to 425 degrees and then make the cream filling. Put the filling into the refrigerator and by the time the cream puffs are baked, your filling will have set to the proper consistency.

Some people call these Choux (pronounced “shoe”) Pastries. That is a French word that means “cabbage.” Some people think these pastries look like cabbages. I don’t know about that, but you take a look and then decide for yourself.


Cream Filling

  • Two 3.5 oz boxes of instant pudding, any flavor
    ● 2 cups heavy whipping cream
    ● 1 cup milk
    ● Whip all together and put in the refrigerator.


Cream Puff Pastry

  • 1 cup of water
    ● ½ cup of butter
    ● Pinch of salt
    ● 1 Cup of flour
    ● 4 eggs

Cooking and Spiritual Practice

Today’s video ends with a prayer Pope Francis used to conclude the Way of the Cross in Rome on Good Friday in 2022. The full text of the Way of the Cross is here. The conclusion of the prayer is below:

Keep alight in our families
the lamp of the Gospel,
which illumines our joys and sorrows, our struggles and our hopes:
May every home reflect the face of the Church,
whose supreme law is love.
By the outpouring of your Spirit,
help us to cast aside the old man,
corrupted by illusory passions.
Clothe us in the new man,
created in justice and holiness.
Take us by the hand, like a Father, lest we stray from you.
Turn our rebellious hearts to your own heart,
so that we may learn to pursue plans of peace.
Inspire adversaries to shake hands,
and taste mutual forgiveness.
Disarm the hand of brother raised against brother,
so that where there is hatred, concord may flourish.
Grant that we never act as enemies of the cross of Christ,
so that we may share in the glory of his resurrection.

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