St. Paul: A Lenten Bible Study

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  • Precious Blood Renewal Center
    2120 St. Gaspar Way
    Liberty, Missouri 64068
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  • Suggested $10 per session.

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    • Feb. 20 and 27, March 5 and 12
    • Tuesdays | 6:30-8 p.m.
    • In-person and by Zoom.

    Led by Fr. Ron Will, C.PP.S.

    Did you know that 25% of the New Testament consists of writings attributed to St. Paul? He had a tremendous influence on the early Church and continues to do so today through the Scriptures.

    The goals of the series are to grow in understanding Paul’s faith experience and to use his experience to understand our own faith experience. We will explore:

    • The influences that made Paul the person he became.
    • How Paul cultivated his personal encounter with Christ throughout his lifetime.
    • The major themes in Paul’s writings.

    Fr. Ron will lead four sessions on Tuesdays during Lent. Each week we will read from St. Paul’s letters and then gather for personal reflection time, journaling and sharing.

    The image above is a mosaic found in St Paul’s chapel within Westminster Cathedral, London. It depicts the vision that St Paul had on the road from Jerusalem to Damascus as described in Acts 9:1-19.

    A note on costs: No one will be turned away from a program at Precious Blood Renewal Center. We suggest you make an offering of $10 per session, but please give whatever you can.

    In preparation for our first session on the Study of St. Paul, check the table of contents in your Bible and learn which books in the Bible are attributed to St. Paul. Also check the table of contents for a list of maps, specifically one that traces the journeys of St. Paul. Get a sense of which cities Paul visited. Your Bible probably has a few paragraphs of Introduction before each of Paul’s letters. Try to get a general sense of the themes that he addresses in each of his letters.

    To help you prepare, here are three handouts for the first meeting:

    Here’s the handout for Week 2: St. Paul 2nd Week Handouts