How to Navigate Renewal Center Website

I’d like to introduce you to two new features on the website of Precious Blood Renewal Center and to alert you to our new plan for sending emails.


Once or twice a week Renewal Center staff or program presenters will be writing short meditations or reflections on topics of interest. Sometimes the mediation will be about an upcoming program. Sometimes it will be a reflection on something we’ve seen in the news or an article, book or movie that strikes us. Topics we hope to cover include: justice issues, spirituality, contemplative living and more.

“What’s Happening?”

“What’s Happening?” is an easy-to-access, easy-to-use listing of upcoming events at the Renewal Center. All the details you need are readily available to you on that page without clicking another link or downloading a flyer. You can also register for the event right on that page.

Easy ways to access these features

A. Folks have asked us to reduce the number of emails we send out, so beginning in October we’ll be sending email notices about upcoming events on Tuesdays. On Thursdays, will send out links to the meditation articles that are available. This should give you all the information you need in a more organized way.

We may send an additional email message when we have something special to share, but the plan is not to send more than three emails in a single week.

B. These features can be easily accessed any time if you go directly to the website. See the illustrations below to help you navigate. The numbers of the paragraphs correspond to the numbers on the images.

1. From any page on the website, if you click on the “Meditations” link in the menu bar, you will be taken to full listings of “Meditations” and “What’s Happening?” items.

2. Once on a page if you click on the “What’s Happening?” link on the right side of the webpage, you can get a full listing of upcoming events.

3. You can also see a full listing of the “Meditations” by clicking on that link.

4. At the bottom of the “What’s Happening?” items, you can register for the event without needing to leave that page.

5. At the bottom of all these items are convenient share buttons. Click on the Facebook, Twitter or a dozen other options and you can automatically share the event or the meditation on your social media channel. One click will do it.

Make sure you are signed up to receive our email alerts by visiting this page: Email Sign Up Page.

If you have thoughts or suggestions about our services on the website, please send them to me at

If you have ideas or suggestions of programs or events, please send them my way too.

Remember, Precious Blood Renewal Center is a safe and sacred place offering hope and healing, renewal and reconciliation. All are welcome.

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